OFB Discipleship Groups

Advancing God's kingdom by guiding business leaders to integrate Biblical truths into their lives and leadership.


  • Advancing God’s kingdom by
    • Guiding business leaders to integrate Biblical truths into their lives and leadership so they can
      • Lead their spouses, children, and family as Christ would.
      • Lead their business as Christ would.
      • Speak the Truth with conviction and without shame.
      • Glorify God in everything they do.

Core Values

Bible Follower





Follower of Christ

  • Commitment to following the guidance of the Holy Spirit daily
  • Reading and studying Scripture daily
  • Attends church regularly

High performer

  • Sets goals
  • Follows through
  • Not afraid to speak up
  • Culture Index spread of four and higher (preferred)

Business Owner

  • 5 or more employees (preferred)


Attend council meetings (monthly)

Location rotates amongst members’ businesses. 2-3 hours in length.

  • Recommended books, trainings, etc.
  • Business performance review (sent ahead of time)
  • Revenue actual vs goal
  • Profit actual vs goal
  • Lead measure actual vs goal
  • Business issue (sent ahead of time)
  • Prayer requests
Support brothers' businesses
  • "Like" and comment on social media pages
  • Provide feedback
  • Give positive reviews on Google Business page and related
Accountability call with one member (weekly)
  • Did you accomplish your professional “one thing”?
  • Did you accomplish your personal “one thing”?
  • What is this week’s professional “one thing”?
  • What is this week’s personal “one thing”?


  • Receive council and advice from fellow Christian business owners
  • Trusted contact sharing
  • Fellowship and brotherhood


$0 fee to join the group

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